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Oct 31, 2012 12:00am EDT
guillermo. >> carmine. this is my dad,innie >> jimmy: i'm jimmy. how you doing? we had the tv here. eventually it broke. was this you wall a little more closed off at one time? this was my room. and i had planets and starsn the ceiling in here and i painted a mural of batman on the closet door. wapd to the closet? >> turned it into a shower. >> jimmy: we had a tle and chairs here a have breakfast. wow, this basement is very different than when i lived here. when i was -- hello, how you doing? how many people live in this house? [ laughter ] it's like a clown car. what are y cooking, carmine. >> for dinner, we'll have -- i hear you're fan of a good sauce. >> jimmy: we called it gravy always. >> gravy's brown, jimmy. >> jimmy: things have changed here in brooklyn. >> guillermo: it's nice to be italian. >> jimmy: yeah, it is nice. >> guillllermo: they have good food. >> mozzarella. >> mozzarella.forget by the. >> welcome these new friends and associates let's call them, welcome. >> jimmy: thank you. salud. thank you for having us. i have to say, everybody is ver polite. it would m mak
Oct 5, 2012 7:00pm EDT
agreed to the importance of the six-point plan and even the free syria and carmine, if you remember, they agreed to the cease-fire, but they did not comply at all. in fact, they were sending more in two areas and released prisoners, like in one case be released at 100 prisoners or something of a arrested during that week more than 2000 people. but the real weakness of the kofi annan plan is the weakness in which he tried the conflict. he built the civil, civil war conflict, when in fact the whole issue is that we have an entire society rebelling against this brutal dictatorship and it has remained peaceful for the first five months. and because the brutality ended up getting armed in self-defense. many syrians feel that he failed to name the language he used to describe the conflict is actually a popular revolution based on civil rights, basic human rights. the when you have snipers taking out children this is not a regime with which you can negotiate. this is a regime that has to go. >> i would simply direct you to an interview that defected the syrian prime minister had. it was tw
FOX News
Oct 1, 2012 8:00pm EDT
becoming "jersey shore." aren't you better than that, bill? not really. billy connor, carmine, texas. o'reilly, we have tickets for the show in austin, texas. are we still on? the show is sold out, billy. miller and i will be there november 23rd. the 24th, the houston evening sold out. details on all shows on seeyouinnovember. dave,franklin,tennessee. bill,toaddtoyourtipoftheday,that bill,toaddtoyourtipoftheday,that nowisagoodtime be a house, federal sales tax. somehow that's flying under the radar. the texas only kicks in if you make a big profit, but it is another tax. finally the factor tip of the day. tomorrow my new book "killing kennedy" will be released. i think you'll like. it's like "killing lincoln." some people think it's better. therefore i have to get up at 5:00 in the morning to go on "the today show," then "imus," then "fox and friends." then i'll collapse. i'll take a nap, but it is worth getting up. "killing kennedy" and "killing lincoln" is changing the way history is present in this country. young people getting involved in the books, that's someth
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8 (some duplicates have been removed)